Mumbai: If there is an icon who deserves credit for bringing back glory to the legacy of Kalaripayattu, it is Vidyut Jammwal. Known as one of the top 10 martial artists of the world, the action star has launched a fitness movement of sorts with his YouTube channel. Through the very channel, the Khuda Haafiz actor now offers online viewers the easiest way to fitness – Kalari Freestyle.
The video of Jammwal demonstrating easy-to-perform movements has just dropped and it’s a treasure trove for anyone who wants to get in sync with their natural instinct. For Vidyut, the idea of presenting Kalari Freestyle was to show viewers simple movements that can harmonise one’s bodily senses with nature.
Vidyut says, “Going back to the actions of a child is the road map to fitness, wellness and discovering ourselves. Every action of a child from birth is governed by nature. As we grow, we lack continuous practice and so we forget the natural rhythm of actions and lose fitness. Through the basic techniques of Kalari Freestyle, one can bring back their natural instincts. These are patterns we notice in children. Being childlike is the easiest way to evolve your body movements.”
Vidyut has seen a meteoric rise as one of the most inspiring fitness icons across the country. The insane routines he does are emulated by fitness enthusiasts and he is duly credited for breaking down healthy living as a feasible reality than a fad. This is the first time he brings something novel that can be practised by beginners of all ages.


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