Mumbai: Punjabi singer, actor and producer Gippy Grewal recently launched a single ‘The Main Man’. While the song is a compilation of many genres, it is interesting to see how stylishly it was shot. The song revolves around how two detectives go inside a casino and how the casino owner comes to know about it and murder one of the two persons. The single’s concept is inspired by the Hollywood film Godfather and Bad Fella.
Gippy said, “I wanted to do an album for a long time and wanted to colloborate on it. Karan Aujhla, the lyricist and I thought a lot about the song and I believe that when two people work together, it brings good results.”
The song was partly shot in Punjab and partly in Canada. Gippy added, “My part was shot in Punjab. Keeping the pandemic in mind, we shot the video with few people and took all precautions. Karan’s part was shot in Canada. In Punjab, the single was directed by Rabi Singh and Sukh Sangera. Finally, the end product turned out so well, that one can’t make out that the show is shot in two places.”
The song has recieved many comments and it crossed nine lakh comments in one day. Gippy said, “I am happy that we could make a single that connected with masses and after a long time we got such a huge response for this song.”


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