~“GoodwillforGood” is an initiative by Vidyut Jammwal to support ideas from the corners of India~

Mumbai: While the whole world is fighting against a pandemic by staying at home, people around the world are not only losing sources of income but also the faith in their own capabilities. Vidyut Jammwal’s initiative “GoodwillforGood” aims at encouraging brave ideas and empowering brains that can do wonders. Vidyut has been helping and motivating his fans to stay physically and mentally fit since the beginning of the Lockdown and now he has bigger plans, he wants to help people stay financially fit too. “GoodwillforGood” will not only help them to emerge from this economic blow but also will provide them with a trusted platform to promote the business/product. Vidyut Jammwal who has always supported such minds will use his social media platform to promote these ideas without charging any fees. A source informs,” Vidyut has decided to give all the love and support he has received over the years by championing a greater cause. He will not only promote unique ideas from the remote corners of the country but will also help them reach their target market across the globe.” Talking about this initiative, Vidyut Jammwal shares, “I am what I am today because of the love and support I have received over the years. GoodwillforGood is an initiative that is very close to my heart and it is my way of giving it back to society. I have come across many ideas that have the power to make a difference but what they lack is a platform to showcase it. Through this initiative, I will promote these brilliant minds and their unconventional proposals.”


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