New Delh: MY FM, the radio arm of Dainik Bhaskar Group, has launched a brand new radio show – Aha Zindagi! Amid all the pent-up negativity building around our social existence, the show will be the first-of its kind-Radio program that will uplift the audience’s mood and spread positivity. ‘Aha Zindagi!’ will be hosted by RJ-Kartik, whose ‘Monday Motivational’ videos have garnered millions of views on social media, and has subsequently become India’s most-followed RJ on Facebook.
The show aims to inspire listeners to lead life in the way everyone just dreams of. ‘Aha Zindagi!’ will be the first show in the history of Indian Radio to have ‘motivation’ as its theme. It will be a 2 hour dose of positivity with a host of inspirational conversations, stories and a handpicked playlist of songs, to stir the listener to let go of the despair the day’s rigmarole has brought in, look forward to a good night slumber and embrace positivity


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