Mumbai: For me, Family has always come first but even for my brothers…they have forever been my pillars of strength. I have never differentiated between my real brother and my cousin brothers and I make sure I send a Rakhi to all 8 of them. I’m gonna miss them on Rakhi Day and how I wish That i could have tied them one in person and not through couriers.
For Independence Day:
Being a good citizen doesn’t mean to just love your country. It means to love it’s good but also trying ways to fix its bad. I really do love india like it’s my own baby and I crib a lot about it, even on my social media but it’s always with an intention to fix it, nurture it and make it better for our tomorrow and our children’s day after. My country is My own and I am proud to be an Indian.

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Happiness is a state of mind. Period ☺️ #sukhuism

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