UNN@ Anil Sharma: In addition to the demand porn movies of Simran Arora, which is known as the superstar of the Japanese porn film industry of Indian origin, is also increasing in many countries. Simran told Anil Sharma in the last days

What do you get intoxicating, alcohol, heroin, Mendrex, etc … what drugs do you take? How often do you take?
Simran- I have drunk enough of alcohol and cocaine. Not at all, but I drink alcohol every third day
It is also important for you to consume drugs during sex shoots.

Simran- Yes, I do a little drink when I am on a shoot.

Apart from porn movies, how many times have you had sex with free people as a callgirl and from which countries?
Simran – I’ve been sexually a long time in the form of a callargar, I do not remember how many times yes, the experience of having sex with Mardo of all the countries is me

Do you fear that when you come to India, your relatives will see you with negative eyesight? Why do you not like to come to India?
Simran- There is nothing like that .. I like to come to India, I do not scare the relatives, what if I have a call girl or porn actress. This is my life i live it my way

How many historical and tourist places of Japan have you seen and what have been found in them.
Simran- I like the culture of Japan very much like the people who are also advanced and are also related to the same culture.

How much has your vaginal size increased at present?
Simran- My vagina is compatible with my lifestyle. I go to the gym every day and exercise to keep my vagina tight.

Will you settle down in Japan? Will you marry a Japanese or a citizen of another country?
Simran – Thought that this time it will be settled only in Japan, but it does not think that there is a Japanese or not. From whom the fate will be written, tax liigi will be written.

How do you feel when you go to penis in your vagina during sex?
Simran-Yoni, as soon as I go to the penis, I am in control of the man. And if he grows up to hold my hair, then I feel very hot.

What is your experience when sex is extreme?
Simran- When there is a climax of sex, water starts to bother like a fish, it seems that whatever men are giving me sex, just do not leave their penis and discharge them in my vagina.

During the course of sex, which country’s citizen did you unconscious tell the experience of what kind of experience was that sex?
Simran- Once, a Brazilian man gave me so much sex in bed for so long and I lost consciousness. He kept me booked for the whole day. So he took great advantage of my hot body. From the hotel room to the bathroom, doing jam also in the bathroom and took me to the balcony of the hotel and took my bigger penis in my mouth and cleaned it and took my entire naked photos, in the balcony. Then he put me so bad and took off the condom and condom and discharged into my vagina and left me naked and unconscious in the same balcony and went inside the room. Because the hotel room was on the 25th floor, I did not see anyone around. . I was sleeping from work to work for 2-3 hours.
How it feels when having sex with a penis of a small size during sex? Does this satisfy you?
Simran- I have no problem in sex with the sex of small size. Yes, I believe that if I get a bigger pen, then I will not see anything smaller

How many sexes have you been able to endure?
Simran- I can bear 5 men in a simultaneously, so have the experience

Do you have a good income as a callgirl or from porn movies?
Simran – as a callgirl .. because I already do porn movies

Have animal sex in a porn movie? In which film (film name) was his experience like? Which animal did sex with?
How do you know Simran-eMay? Yes, I am very ashamed to tell me about animal sex. When we were shooting in a farmhouse, when the director asked me about animal sex scenes, then I was drunk in the wine … I immediately said yes and soon all of them had given me a horse in the farmhouse first and Then got a dog to do animal sex.

In a porn film or a person, which gender had to be sexed? What was his experience? Which animal do you think is the gender strongest?
Simran-Animal Sex I like told with a horse and a dog … There is a lot of difference between the two … where the dog gave me sex by jumping 10 minutes and then like my vagina faded with his penis. Up to 15 minutes Even after being deceived by my penis, he was dragging me and the dog discharged so much of the sperm in my vagina that my sperms were leaking out of my vagina. At that time it felt as if he had really made me his dog.
After 15 minutes stuck with the dog, as if I separated him from my pen, he lay down on the ground and tired of my vagina after selling my open legs
Due to this action of the dog, my vagina became so hot that while lying in it, I started to kiss her penis while hanging it under it and started licking it.
The horse


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